DAY 12

Week 2

MADRID (Madrid, ESP)

Tuesday July 18th, 2017

TODAYS MILEAGE – 2 miles or 3 kilometres
TRIP MILEAGE – 13,296 miles or 21,398 kilometres

With today being a "free day", most people scattered to the four corners of Madrid in search of museums, the opera or other elements of touristy endeavours. I - on the other hand, decided to spend most of the morning ensuring that all my laundry and kit was sorted, packed & stacked for tomorrows proposed 7 hour journey to València.

The afternoon consisted of me simply wandering around the city, before meeting up with Fredy and a couple of the others for a bit of an evening "Tapas & Tipple" walkabout, which was a hell of a lot of fun.

• MADRID ~ Exploring The City (Madrid, ESP)

Day 10 - Granada/Madrid
A free day in which you can shop, stroll or people watch on the capital's most exciting street, Gran Via. Go early or late, the street stays awake all hours.