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Greetings & Salutations,

I have to blame this EurAsia 2017 trip on Emirates Airlines and my travel agent Michelle Jardine at Escape Travel - Castletown.

I had received a free airfare with Emirates after being bumped on my homeward bound African Adventures flight, so I thought I'd put it to good use before its expiry at the end of the year. With a bit of scrounging around with my travel agent, we were able to accomodate a visit to Portugal & Spain and then a couple of weeks in China on the way home.

I've wanted to check out all three countries in depth and the free ticket presented itself as the opportune time to visit with Pain Management specialists in both Madrid (Spain) and Beijing (China), seeking alternative ideas in living with the injuries I'm aflicted with. It was also a great seqway into ticking off another couple of items from my "bucket list".

In total, I think I'll be on the road for 56 days - click on the Travel Directions icon/link for a mapped overview of the entire trip.

Another day ... another adventure I reckon.

• TOWNSVILLE (Queensland, AUS) to DUBAI (Dubai, UAE)
via BRISBANE (Queensland, AUS)