DAY 7a

CAPE TOWN ~ Nomad Tours Offices (Western Cape, ZAF)

Thursday November 17th, 2016

TODAYS MILEAGE – 160 miles or 257 kilometres
TRIP MILEAGE – 13221 miles or 21277 kilometres

I literally walked a block from my accomodations at the Strand Tower Hotel to the offices of Nomad Africa Adventure Tours, thus saving myself the $50.00 AUD transfer that was offered as an optional part of the tour package.

Being the first one to arrive, the entire check-in procedures took me all off 15 minutes to complete in providing all my personal details, which included passport, visas, travel insurance, next of kin etc etc. Once completed, I mingled out the front of the offices and did a bit of a "meet & greet" with the crew and my fellow travellers. During the check-in process, we were advised that we had a full load of 24 + 2 crew for the next 3 weeks, which by my reckoning at looking at the vehicle, was going to make a cosy trip.

    CREW: Driver/Guide - Keith Alfred "Maverick " & Cook/Guide - Laurine Silibaziso Nkomo "Mama LoLo"
    TRAVELLERS: Ashley Gibson "Ash", Do Yeon Lee "Too Young", Roy Kaufmann "Vinegar", Kalindi Gibson "KD", Line Holst Hansen "Lioness", Lauren Islaub "Loonie", Aniek Wouters "Dutch Destroyer", Vera van Amsterdam, Christina Huber, Gunnar - the Norwegian lawyer, Gianni Gerards, Saemna Lee "Sam", Vera Bachmann, Katja Wories, Georg Julian Devik, Ronn Theway "Ronny", Michel Wasmann "Micky", Angelika Mayer, Tom Earl "Doc Holiday", Mark Fitzgerald "Fitzy",

We ended up departing around 9AM and would pick up Annalena Bannasch, Peter Mccarthy, Caitlin Campbell, Ulus and Herbie at various stops along the way. Be Happy

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