DAY 35

Week 5

SHANGHAI (Shanghai, CHN)

Thursday August 10th, 2017

TODAYS MILEAGE – 17 miles or 27 kilometres
TRIP MILEAGE – 33,102 miles or 53,273 kilometres

I got up at my usual sparrows fart to wander the streets looking for some breakfast, as the hotels offerings were not appealing in the slightest. I noticed a complete lack of street food vendors, so settled on a back-ally “ma & pa” diner that was doing a roaring trade.

As there was no menu, I resorted to the old "point & shoot" ordering method, without actually having a clue as to what I ordered. This was even more evident when coming to pay, as the ¥32RMB ($6.59AUD/$5.10USD) bill was in Chinese, but it was a great feed none the less and the experience was priceless. Be Happy

Upon returning to the accommodations, I was informed that the hospital had kept Don in for more testing, so we'd have the full attention of our (Chief Experience Officer) Lee for most of the morning. We legged it over to the massive Shanghai Railway Station and caught the metro over to the highly rated Shanghai Museum, where we wiled away the best part of two hours checking it out.

From there, we walked through the popular shopping district of Nanjing Road and over to The Bund, in which we walked the length of the riverfront in central Shanghai.

Lunch was taken at a local dumpling shop at Lee's recommendation and I'd have to say it was a great feed. We were back at our hotel around 2PM, at which point with Rob and I being a bit parched, went in search of a pub for a couple of adult beverages. Lee on the other hand, had to return to the hospital to check on Don's status.

We didn't end up at the bar recommended by the hotel, as it was closed. Not a big issue for a couple of experienced travellers like ourselves, we did how ever find a local micro-brew owned by a Belgian guy and sampled some of his products ...... the verdict - not bad at all.

At the suggestion of the publican, Rob & I returned to the hotel, freshened up and then headed out to the Xuhui District, which by all accounts is one of the better "watering & feed" areas in Shanghai. After wandering around for ½ an hour checking things out, we settled on a al fresco curb side table at Funkadeli where cold beers, great food and a fair amount of people watching was in order for the rest of the evening.

Now this is how I like to end a day - all nice and relaxed. Be Happy

• ZHABEI ~ Exploring The City (Shanghai, CHN)
• HUANGPU ~ Shanghai Museum (Shanghai, CHN)
• HUANGPU ~ Walkabout (Shanghai, CHN)
• HUANGPU ~ The Bund (Shanghai, CHN)
• XUHUI ~ Funkadeli (Shanghai, CHN)

Day 5 - Shanghai
Take a walk along the bund before a visit to the world-famous Shanghai Museum. Opt to take in a breathtaking Chinese acrobat performance.
Take an orientation walk down one of the city's most famous streets, Nanjing Road, ending at the Shanghai Museum, one of the best in the country.
Take a stroll along the Bund, a main road that follows the Huangpu River, with our CEO. This is a great opportunity to get a layout of the city and figure out what you want to explore next.
Visit the Shanghai Museum, home to a world-class collection of ancient Chinese art. Tour individual galleries devoted to such items as sculpture, bronze, ceramics, jade, coins, Ming and Qing Dynasty furniture, paintings, and calligraphy. Stop at the gift shop on your way out.