DAY 10

Week 2

GRANADA (Andalucia, ESP)

Sunday July 16th, 2017

TODAYS MILEAGE – 5 miles or 8 kilometres
TRIP MILEAGE – 13,128 miles or 21,127 kilometres

Today was going to be a pretty big day in trying to fit most of the sites of Granada in, without pushing things too hard.

After a light breakfast at the Casa Palacio Pilar del Toro Hotel, it was a 1.2 kilometre (.8 mile) uphill walk to the entrance of the La Alhambra, where for the next 3½ hours, we had the services of a professional guide who took us all over the 14 hectare (35 acre) site.

After lunch I headed off to go check out the Catedral de Granada (Granada Cathedral) and the rest of the city before meeting up with some of the tour group to to walk up to the Plaza de San Nicolás, which gave us great views out over Granada and on to La Alhambra.

After a bite to eat and a couple of brews at a local tapas joint, it was off to Cuevas Los Tarantos for a traditional flamenco show. Truth be told, I was impressed with just how much passion and expression the performers showed and the efforts they put in to their craft during the entire show. Well worth the experience I reckon.

We stopped for a photo op at Plaza Cementerio de San Nicolás on the way back to the hotel for some ..... or on the way to the tapas bars - for those of us into healthy living. Be Happy

• GRANADA ~ Hotel Casa Del Pilar (Andalucia, ESP)
• GRANADA ~ La Alhambra (Andalucia, ESP)
• GRANADA ~ Exploring The City (Andalucia, ESP)
• GRANADA ~ Catedral de Granada (Andalucia, ESP)
• GRANADA ~ Plaza de San Nicolás (Andalucia, ESP)
• GRANADA ~ Cuevas Los Tarantos (Tablao Flamenco Show) (Andalucia, ESP)
• GRANADA ~ Plaza Cementerio de San Nicolás (Andalucia, ESP)

Day 8 - Granada
Enjoy an orientation walk of Granada and a guided visit to the architectural masterpiece, the Alhambra. In the evening, opt to go for a stroll and check out the local tapas and wine bars.
After visiting the Alhambra, opt to take a wander through the whitewashed historic quarter of the Albaicin, with its narrow lanes andfantastic views. It is a great place to go for sunset.
In the evening, opt for a night on the town. The city is filled with trendy tapas bars and has a lively music scene.