Week 1

LAGOS (Algarve, PRT)to SEVILLE (Andalucia, ESP)

Thursday July 13th, 2017

TODAYS MILEAGE – 192 miles or 301 kilometres
TRIP MILEAGE – 12,925 miles or 20,801 kilometres

We were out of the Tivoli Lagos Algarve Hotel nice and early to catch our public bus service to Seville in España (Spain). After brief stops in Albufeira and Faro, we crossed the 666 metre (2,185 foot) long Ponte Internacional do Guadiana (Guadiana International Bridge) into the birthplace flamenco, tapas, sangría, conquistadores & corrida de toros tauromaquia (bull fights) .

We arrived early at our accommodations - the Cool Sevilla Hotel, so rather than hanging around for our rooms to be made up, we headed out in the 46°C (115°F) afternoon heat to check out a little of Seville. Indispersed with finding shade and cold water, we were able to walk the cobblestoned narrow streets and wide tree lined avenues to take in the architecture of places such as Universidad de Sevilla (University of Seville), Catedral de Santa María de la Sede (Seville Cathedral) and the impressive sight of Plaza de España (Spain Square).

By early evening, most of the group were still sorting out their rooms and umming & ahhing about dining preferences, so I headed out on my own to find something local. I ended up in Taberna Los Terceros, just off Plaza los Terceros and as there were no seats available, I was seated with a table of locals and what a great experience.

It just goes to show that over food & adult beverages, meeting people of any background or heritage is a relatively easy undertaking. At the guidance of the locals, I did try quite a few things off the menu, but did have to draw the line at "Mousse of sweet bacon from heaven with pinenuts" as it may have not gone well the ½ dozen or so cervezas I had during the meal. Be Happy

• CASTRO MARIM ~ Ponte Internacional do Guadiana (Guadiana International Bridge) (Algarve, PRT)
• SEVILLE ~ Exploring The City (Andalucia, ESP)
• SEVILLE ~ Catedral de Santa María de la Sede (Seville Cathedral) (Andalucia, ESP)
• SEVILLE ~ Plaza de España (Spain Square) (Andalucia, ESP)

Day 5 - Lagos/Seville
Spend a day enjoying this city and its Moorish influence. Opt to explore the district of Santa Cruz, the Alcázar palace or the world's largest Gothic cathedral.
Take the time to see all this great city has to offer. Opt to explore the interiors and gardens of the Alcázar, a magnificent palace dating from Moorish times, or the true heart of Seville, the Santa Cruz quarter— a charming area with winding alleys, picturesque lime-washed houses, flowery patios, and small squares.
Seville is home to the world’s largest gothic cathedral — climb the adjoining tower for great views of the city. Other attractions include the Museo Arqueológico, the Casa de Pilates and the Parque de María Luisa, which has a maze of paths, garden beds, pretty little patios, fountains, and shaded lawns.
Please note that if you wish to visit popular sites and want to avoid waiting in line, it is advisable to reserve tickets in advance. We recommend pre-arranging your visit to the Alcázar of Seville.
Free Time: Seville Full Day - With heaps to see and do, get exploring.