DAY 16

Week 3

OUTJO (Kunene, NAM) to ETOSHA NATIONAL PARK ~ Halali Camp (Oshikoto, NAM)

Saturday November 26th, 2016

TODAYS MILEAGE – 150 miles or 241 kilometres
TRIP MILEAGE – 14862 miles or 23918 kilometres

The day started out somewhat auspiciously, as I felt I had to step in and have a word with one of our fellow travellers. The crux of the matter was that the Cypriot's suitcase was three times what Nomad Tours recommended or allow, which caused him to bitterly complain that people were just shoving his bag around to access their bags located in the lockers at the rear of the truck. His argument was that as the crew had accepted his oversize bag, then it's their responsibility to ensure people stop moving or touching it. He was quite adamant in that belief when remonstrating with the crew over the past several days. After he had a deadset crack at both Mama Lolo & Maverick, I simply couldn't help myself and decided to step in and said "The way I see it, you have three choices (a) reduce the size of your bag so that it fits into the lockers like the rest of us, (b) or be the first off/last on the truck in order to move your bag so that it does not get interfered with or be in the way and (c) just put up with it." None of those choices were acceptable to him.

He then asked what would I do on the crew's situation. I replied "Considering that you missed the trip departure by 3 hours, which delayed the rest us by two hours and facilitated Nomad making a special trip to get you to the truck a couple of hundred kilometres away, then forgetting your medication which saw another special trip to get it you, and now you're wanting to inconvenience 23 other travellers to be on the lookout for the bag you decided to pack??? I'd just be grateful and just suck it up or the bag could mysteriously be left on the roadside, either with or without you." He went to argue with me, at which point I told him that "You're an adult and you have your choices. Make your mind up and stop making everyone uncomfortable with your complaining or if it was left up to me, I'd just heave the fucking thing off the truck and be done with it." He looked at me with a somewhat stunned expression and wandered off to finish pulling his tent down. I did notice a bit later on that he was last on the truck with his oversize bag, so he may have taken to Plan B ..... only time will tell if he sticks with it.

After a quick stop in Okaukuejogo to get a night safari sorted for those who wanted to participate, and we were off to spend the best part of the morning traversing Etosha National Park. It was early afternoon by the time we arrived in Halali Camp to set our tents up for the evening. While setting up camp I noticed one of the trucks inside drive tyres had the tread delaminating, which saw a couple of us help "Maverick" change it before we had out in the middle of woop-woop. As spares go, the one we used was only slightly better than the one we're replacing, but at least we had a cleanskin steer tyre up our sleeve just in case.

We finished up just as the rest of the group had finished lunch only to find there was no food left - how considerate. We trundle over to the chalet/resort and all they had on offer was a ½ eaten and manky looking buffet. No matter, we'll just have a couple of barley pops (beers) for lunch ... as you do. Be Happy

The heat and humidity seemed to have abated a little as we headed out at 3PM for the second game drive for the day. The change in temperature seemed to agree with the wildlife as well, there seemed to be a larger variety and more actual numbers. The highlight of the day for me was spotting a mature black rhino just on dusk - I was simply stoked. Be Happy

• ETOSHA ~ South Entrance (Kunene, NAM)
• ETOSHA ~ Road C38 (Oshana, NAM)
• ETOSHA ~ Okaukuejo (Oshana, NAM)
• ETOSHA (Oshikoto, NAM)

Day 10 - Etosha National Park
The open plains of the Etosha National Park allows for spectacular elevated game viewing from our truck whilst on game drives. Our overnight stops, which boasts floodlit night water holes, are situated inside the park.