DAY 15d

OTJIKANDERO ~ Himba Orphanage Village (Kunene, NAM)

Friday November 25th, 2016

TODAYS MILEAGE – 288 miles or 463 kilometres
TRIP MILEAGE – 14712 miles or 23677 kilometres

I would have to say that the $35.00 AUD optional excursion to visit the Otjikandero Himba Orphanage Village was a disappointment. It's not about the money, as I'm all for supporting the local people and economy, but not when it seems people are just waiting for a handout.

Both Mama Lolo & Maverick went over the history, achievements and goals of the village, which we all embraced, even to the point in which we all purchased school equipment, bags of rice or mealie maize as a donation, but to me it felt like visiting a zoo with the "attractions" just sitting around, showing zero interest.

There was no real engagement from those in the village, other than the guide reading from a memorised script. 15 minutes into the excursion and after the third "give me money" demand, I decided to leave as I simply did not feel welcome.

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