DAY 13

Week 2


Wednesday November 23rd, 2016

TODAYS MILEAGE – 4 miles or 6 kilometres
TRIP MILEAGE – 14312 miles or 22033 kilometres

Day 7 on the road with the "Chakalaka's" saw me waking up at the Amanpuri Travellers Lodge, on something other than a 2-inch vinyl covered piece of foam. I don't think I've ever been so appreciative of a single mattress in my entire life - but fair dinkum, today came extremely close. Be Happy

Over breakfast most of the gang were going over their planned activities for the day, one of which was what we were going to do for dinner. As the lodge had offered us the use of their BBQ, we decided to give "Maverick" & "Mama Lolo" the night off and knock up a BBQ. As I was wandering around Swakopmund anyways, my task was to scope out all the fixings for the meal.

One of our travellers - Saemna Lee was celebrating her 30th today, so as a group we decided to get yesterday’s photo that I took of Sam with a macaw perched on her head, enlarged and we'd all sign it for her.

My first stop of the day was Photo Studio Behrens, to get Sam's birthday present. While there, they noticed my Canon 1DX MKII and as any people who share the same interests, we got chatting about the features when one of my shots from outside the Walvis Bay airport caught his eye. A deal was the struck in which I'd give him a copy and they would enlarge Sam's print for free. Gotta love a barter economy. Be Happy

The rest of the morning was take up playing "Tommy Tourist" in which I checked out Jetty Bridge, the foreshore, Palm Beach and a few photo studios, before parking up at the Village Cafe for a bite to eat. I tried one of their "Terminator 3" sandwiches ..... with the operative being tried. The thing was colossal in size and it done me in, it was simply too much - but a great feed none the less. From there I waddled over to check out the "Leuchtturm" or lighthouse Swakopmund, which was built in 1902 by the German Schutzgruppe

My final stop of the day before heading back to our accomodations was the Food Lovers Market, where I met up with Ash & Kalindi and Mickey & Katja to gather up all the gear for dinner tonight. How does two trollys of groceries entailing 3 proteins and ingredients for 5 salads sound in feeding 26 adults including 3 vego's and a vegan?

We get back with all our goodies and start prepping for the meal when "Maverick" informs me that my roadside exhaust fix, from a couple of days and several hundred miles of corrugated dirt roads ago, had worked so well that thier workshop re-used the muffler and tailpipe in affecting the repairs.

Dinner was a bit of a mission as the promised large bbq did not eventuate and we ended up cooking on a breakfast griddle. As with anything adverse in life you have two choices and for me, having hungry people is not one of them. We ended up eating around 8:30 which was an hour later than planned but by all accounts, the meal went over really well. As the meal concluded, we produced a birthday cake that I procured and celebrated with Sam as a group on her milestone.

Sitting around with the crew and necking a few coldies was great end to a good day. Be Happy


Day 7 - Swakopmund
Today is your chance to experience the adrenalin filled atmosphere that Swakopmund offers. Taking a walk around Swakopmund’s shops and having a leisurely lunch is also a great way to spend your day if you are not participating in the many activities available on offer here.