Greetings Tax Dodgers,

Not a hell of a lot going on here in Boise at the moment. Were starting come out of winter as the mercury is starting to rise.

At the beginning of February I cruised up to Bogus Basin ski resort with my mate Sipper, his bride Ruth and their daughter Angela to try this whole skiing thing. Everyone says it's a piece of piss, so I'm thinking it's about time I give it a go.

I got all kitted out with rental skis, boots and poles. I bought some ski pants that'll get used for snow mobiling as well, and set off for the slopes. How'd ya think I went. Like shit off a shovel mate!!! Sipper's one hell of a teacher as I fell only twice on my first run down the bunny slope. Once while getting off the chair lift and the other when gravity, inertia and my experience met head on with me coming second.

The second trip started off a bit wonky with me falling over while getting off the chair lift again. The little prick (cunningly disguised as the lift operator) give me a serve about falling over right at the lift. Needless to we had a one sided discussion concerning my need to find the "designated" falling over area. Our conversation ceased at the point of my willingness to test my ski pole out on him as a hemorrhoid remover. So off I go, down the hill a couple more times without falling or getting out of control. Not that I'd have too much drama running into anyone. At just under 240 pound of prime Australian beef, I was pretty sure that the 90 pound punks were going to have a bad day if we had a collision.

After about ½ dozen more runs, I get a rush of blood and decide it's now time to go down the steep part of the bunny hill. Everything was just fine, knees together, skis straight, looking good. Then I went over the lip and holy snappin' duck shit. Some bastard had steepened the hill. That was the first time I heard the term YARD SALE. I had shit for Africa scattered all over the bunny hill. Fair dinkum, we nearly had to call a search helicopter to find my skis and poles as they were scattered all points of the compass.

One hell of a way to learn a valuable lesson. I pulled me head in real quick after that. We then spent the next couple of hours on the other side of the bunny hill learning control and the like. Needless to say I great time. The only regret was that it's taken me 6 years to go out and do it. We've got some photos being developed and will put them up on the web site when we get them.

Speaking of the web site. This update focuses on the annual snow mobile trip I've organized over the past 3 years. It's a lot of fun.

Anyway's, I'm gonna run. Enjoy the update.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Stay Happy ;-)