Not much on the go at the moment over here in Boise. Summers coming to and end, so it's time to start thinking about tuning the skis for winter.

I got most of the plumbing done for the new laundry. As with any project, there are a few little things to finish of before I can say that part of the house remodel is done. I had a kitchen designer come over so I can get started on that project.

My summer just got a little longer. I'm off to Australia at the beginning of September for three weeks. I got one of those "use it or lose it" airfares from United which helped considerably. This trip I'm on my Pat Malone so I'm going to split my time between Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Alice Springs. I'm looking forward to it as I really need a break.

Rugby training has started for the Fall season and although the numbers have been somewhat disappointing, I'm looking forward to have a bit of a gallop.

Anyway's, I've got a million things to do, so I'd better get off my dogs date and get some of it done.

I've bored you enough for this month!

Hope to hear from you soon.

Stay Happy ;-)