Greetings and Salutations Culture Vultures,

Hopefully this letter finds you all as fit as a malley bull and twice as dangerous.

As you can probably tell, the pictures are back from the developers so it's time to show you the new "Poverty Palace" in all it's glory. The house taking up all of my time (and money) but I'm really enjoying it.

The house was built in 1959 and was owned and occupied by one family until I purchased it on the 29th of March. The house measures 2260 square feet in size and sits on a 80 foot wide by 100 foot long block of dirt. It's a single level brick veneer house with a full basement. Currently there are 4 bedrooms, a full bathroom upstairs and ¾ bathroom downstairs, a living room, huge TV room which will be where I'll set up my home theatre, a single car garage with an attached carport and all the other associated rooms that go into every house. There's a full sprinkler system thrown in as well to keep the grass wet.

My first project is to redo the home theatre (TV) room. Why start on this room you ask. Was it the worst room? No! Was it the wrong color? No! Was it in the wrong place? No!
If the truth has to be known, due to the narrow hallway I couldn't maneuver my 65 inch big screen TV through the TV room door. So I ripped the door out and made the opening a total of 9 feet wide. While I was at it, I ripped out the ceiling tiles out, only to find that there was no insulation between the basement and the floor above. All the basement ceilings are only 84 inches (2.1 meters) high including my new home theatre room and there are only two small lights trying to cover a 21x13 foot space, so I decided to install a half a dozen halogen lights to brighten thing up a little while the ceiling is out. I also pulled out the ceiling in an adjacent bedroom to install some insulation. While both the ceilings are out I installed cabling for a computer network, satellite TV and telephones. Me old humpy gonna be all flashed up Edwin!!!
Once all the downstairs is done, hopefully by the end of the month, I'll start on the upstairs. I scored enough pristine cherry wood kitchen cabinets to do two houses and they need to be installed. I managed to pick them up for just a hundred bucks!!! I want to turn the living room wall into a half height wall so that you can look directly into the kitchen. This will make a kind of great room that encompasses the living room, kitchen and dining room. As part of that I will have to move the doorway to the basement from the kitchen to the living room. I will also install a sliding door in the dining room so you can get out to the back yard without having to go through the garage via the kitchen to get out. From there it will be a remodel to the master bedroom. I'm planning on trying to get all this done before the end of Summer.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Stay Happy ;-)