Greetings Culture Vultures,

It's Friday night, the beginning of the Labor Day long weekend here in the United States of A Miracle and it's officially the last day of Summer. No work on Monday so it's going to be a huge Sunday for me. I'm going to park up on the day of the sabbath, in my TV room "temple" and take an optic nerve at the replay of Australia taking the Tri-Nations trophy from New Zealand and in doing so, sending thier captain Johns Eales out in a blaze of glory. Yeah, I know my sentiments will piss of some of my Kiwi mates, but as the Kiwi's keep telling me when we lose to the All Blacks, "get over it".

I'm 3 weeks into coaching the 43rd State Crimson Lions Rugby Club and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I would not have believed that it was so much work, but it's my way of giving something back to the sport that has given me so much since I started out as a gangly, uncoordinated 15 year old. It'll be 20 years, at the end of the year, since I started playing and it's only of late that I've sat back and looked at all the accomplishments I've achieved over that time. It's kind of funny watching the talent I have to work with and not think to myself that I see a lot of my traits, in the others, I'm trying to pass my knowledge onto. Although my 34 year mind is willing, the old body has been having second thoughts, but it's good to have a bit of a gallop. Shit, we all know that the beers always tastes better when you've got a bit of a sweat up!!!;-)

Tomorrow I'm off with a couple of mates on our dirt bikes for a bit of a roost. I've had to do a bit of work on my KTM620 over the last couple of weeks due to some spectacular get offs, but wild horses couldn't drag me away from going for a ride. It does get a bit hot in the waterbag after a couple of hours stuff-arseing around in the hills, but the views and scenery are well worth it. Hopefully this time I can stay on the bike more than it's on me. Either that or I'll have to put the trainer whells back on!

This update is all about Ayers Rock and The Olga's and by the sounds of it, most of you are tickled pink watching KW and myself gallivanting around the countryside. I know I was stoked to be taking a butchers hook at God's own country again. Anyways, enough of my wah-wahing, firmly grasp your White Russian in one hand and your mouse in the other and pay homage to Australia's enchanted Northern Territory again.


Stay Happy ;-)