Allrighty then Trendsetters & Taxdodgers brace yourselves 'coz here it comes,

If you're looking for a touchy feely-heart felt-misty eyed-diary entry on my July trip to Australia, you've got as much chance of that as I've got of fathering Elle MacPherson's next blonde-headed bronzed Aussie with a good set of niagara's on him. At least he'll have the niagara's if I've got something to do with it!!! ;-)

This update is all about the recent trip my good mate, Kent Walton (KW) from Boise, and myself made to Australia. We spent two weeks in July gallivanting around the countryside covering more territory than the early explorers and had a ball tearer of a time doing it.

Obviously a trip halfway around the world just doesn't fall together like some gift from the gods. There a few people that need our appreciation and thanks. Firstly KW's leader of the opposition, Lane, for letting Kent out of her sight (let alone out of the country) with a lunatic like me. She only gave me one instruction at the airport when we left "Don't bring him back dead" Whatever the hell that means!!! ;-)

My friend TJ who is our company travel manager. She found us an absolutely rip snorter of a deal on the tin crow tickets across the pond and back again. Also on the travel thing, Helen and Marie Kilgariff from Traveland in Alice Springs were the absolute bomb when it came to all the wheeling and dealing with the in country flights, hotels and rubber-necking stuff. Helen, a visit to Bo's will not quite be the same now!!!

Thanks to the proprietors of the "Bum Steer Hotel". Tony and Jenny put us up for the week we were in the Alice, my sympathies to Jenny as she had to put up with us playing the occasional "Grog Monsters" from time to time. Although that sympathy for her waned somewhat on the day she conned me into an aerobics class. Not that I didn't need it, or enjoy it for that matter, but those bloody sheilas CAN make grown men do practically anything. Steery also lent us his ute which only lasted a day before the water pump shit itself, at least we caught it before any damage was done.

I managed to catch up with my very dear friend Suzanne, who had us over one night for a top notch feed and chinwag that lasted 'til the wee hours of the morning. Harvs and his new bride dropped by during dinner so it was a case of good food and good company always equals a great time.

My good mate and Mexican bother Tony had us over one night for a feed and a couple of times for coffee. It's always great to catch up with him, his bride Yvonne and the whole Lebanese mafia.

I've also got to thank Iceman for letting me use his house and wheels as well as his blood blister Wendy for playing chuffer while were in Brisbane. While on the Northern New South Wales coast I camped at Philthy and Jody's joint and got to hang out with their mates for a couple of days which was quite relaxing.

Thanks to all the usual suspects who made sure Kent was treated like one of the boys. He thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

Finally, last but certainly not least, thanks to Chairman Joe (awesome feed of fresh chilli mud crabs), Lavs (nice handbag dude), Pricklehead & CT (the Bundy bears), Lethal, Walshy, Archie Ten Dollar (he must be painting his house due to all the white shit in his hair), Meathooks, Roey, Mitch, Colbs, Cheryl, Cindy, Lisa, Rabbi Foreskin Doctor (as karioke singers at the Memo.....we were a lot better rugby players), Harvs (good luck with the election), Pippa (yes, I am getting better with age...I think), Budgie (who's physique is starting to look like the Savage), Chief and all the others for remembering I've got two hands: one for drinking and the other for holdinga the next drink. It took a month for the kidney's and liver to get back to normal.

Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to catch up with everyone but there's always next time.


Stay Happy ;-)