Greetings and Salutations,

Hopefully this update finds you just "Phat & Happy".

Winter in America seems to be the time to snuggle up with a good book or something. Yeah, what ever!!! Two of my best mates over have had recent additions to their respective families.

On the 4th of July KW and his bride Lane brought a half a side of beef, by the name of Daniel, into world. No disrespect, but Daniel did tip the scales over 9 pounds which is a fair chunk of watermelon to be carrying around.

Dash and, his leader of the Opposition, Christine welcomed a little girl by the name of Alyssa to the Millennium at approximately 1:30pm this afternoon. Although a couple of weeks early and a little light at just over 6 pounds, Alyssa was anxious to get out and about earlier than expected.

Both mothers and their respective bundles of happiness are doing fine. The fathers are doing shots. ;-) In true blue Australian tradition, we are going to have to wet the babies heads in the very near future. As always, photos will follow.

This brings me to the sad part of this correspondence.

Someone who was very near and dear to me slipped peacefully into the night on July 4th. Nicole Habib (or Miss Cruise as I fondly called her from 10 years old) courageously battled cancer for several years before succumbing to the condition. If ever there was a role model for a young person in the world, Nicole was it. Nicole may not ever have a building or park named after her, but her achievements, drive and determination over her short life, will forever be monumental to all that have known and loved her as we all did.
It does me proud to always be her Uncle Fitzy.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Stay Happy ;-)