Greetings and Salutations Culture Vultures,

Hopefully this letter finds you all as fit as a malley bull and twice as dangerous.

Christmas is over and done with for another year. Thank God you say. I made my first Christmas turkey for lunch and it turned out spot on, even if I do say so myself. Christmas was a quite affair spent at home without the usual chaos.

New Years was spent at work running around like a blue arse fly. The Y2K hype turned out to be a non-event throughout our sites worldwide. There were a couple of very small issues, which had to do with bad programming code rather than the millennium bug. Working twelve to seventeen hours a day got really old really quick, but the overtime pay is always welcome.

Having promised you all a web site update for 6 months, I have finally had the time to do something about it. Although you will not see much of a change in the layout and content, the major improvements are in how fast the site downloads. Without boring you with the technicalities, I have swapped the site to frames support, which should increase the site loading speed.

I will be updating the site most likely every 10 to 14 days so the site doesn't get boring. Generally I will send you an e-mail when there is something new. Let me know what you think of the site.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Stay Happy ;-)