Greetings and Salutations Trend Setters & Tax-dodgers,

It looks and feels like our Summer in Boise has come to a rather wet and cold 13ºC end. We had rain over the most of the long Labor Day weekend, which was the first we've had over the Summer. I really like that "smell" that comes with the first rains, it reminded me so much of the Alice after a long hot Summer.

It looks like things have fallen into place for the first ever "3 Bastards From The Bush" Northwest United States tour in November. I think Steery and Fluxy will have a ball and if the don't, sucks to be them! ha ha ha ;-) I'm thinking the three of us may do some damage that's not entirely restricted to our wallets, kidneys or livers. Can you imagine us as the "Three Riders of the Apocalypse" or "Curly, Larry & Moe" or "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" (you pick) traipsing around the Pacific Northwest at the start of winter in septic Ford Falcon??? I'm thinking it's going to be a blast and I'm really looking forward to it. It's only less than eight weeks away now.

This weeks "Flashpage" update is from the whitewater rafting trip I went on nearly three weeks ago. We organized a similar trip last year and it was some of the best fun you could have with your clothes on, this year was no exception. The trip entails jumping in a rubber ducky boat and floating/paddling for about 4 hours along the scenic North Fork of the Payette river, which is more popularly known as the "Carbarton Run", for reasons of which I have no bloody idea.

I brought along an esky with a few sherbet's just on the off change that I'd dehydrate along the way. I must have been a bit parched as the esky was dry by the time we got out the water. We parked up for a while on one of the riverbanks for a while to indulge in a bit of a picnic lunch along the way.

Somehow I managed to get elected to be the steerer for the boat, which I thought was hilarious considering I was born and bred in the middle of Australia. Jeez, I'd get seasick if I sat on a hot water bottle or someone splashed me while in the bathtub. I did tell them that I did have some some river racing experience, but I forgot to tell them it was either as a competitor in the Henly-on-the-Todd regatta or just simply running from the cops across the Todd (You'd have to know the Alice to understand). I suppose I done alright as we didn't lose anyone like we did the previous year. And before you bastards get going, I ain't no busted arse Rear Admiral either. Just stop right there!!!
It got a bit hairy along the way as we hit some white water which included me being thrown around like a rag doll on several occasions. All in all though, I had a blast and that's what mattered the most to me. Selfish little vegemite, aren't I???

Gotta run, hope to hear from you soon.

Stay Happy ;-)