Greeting & Salutations one and all,

Hopefully this letter finds you all as fit as a malley bull and twice as dangerous.

Ruth and I are just off to our favorite little "Ma & Pa" diner for breakfast. It's a real hole-in-the-wall joint with the original early 70's furniture (isn't the retro look in now?) and décor, but they have the best bacon and eggs we've had here in the States. While it's no where Australian bacon, it's pretty good.

Thank god we have finished working weekends at work. As part of our Y2K efforts at Micron, we had replace all 486 systems and that meant working weekends as well as trying to knock them over during the week.

Having said that, there is no rest for the wicked though. The ongoing joys of owning a hundred-year-old house. In about an hour I'll be on the upstairs back porch finishing of the replacement due to it leaking into the mudroom and laundry. We've completed most of the tear off and are just waiting for a contractor to help putting the new roof "skin" on so we can walk on the porch again.

The ongoing shed building saga continues, the shed was meant to be completed inside 30 days beginning April 19th. Here we are over three months over schedule and they have just finished installing the siding. I had the electrician over this morning helping me rewire the back porch and he told me that the contractor is a real pain in the arse, as he wants everything done the cheapest way possible and not necessarily the correct way. It takes the sparky twice as long and triple the cost to do the inevitable re-work. He did say that he'd look after me with our shed, a little beer always works wonders.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Stay Happy ;-)