Texas, USA

June 7th, 2000

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Hey Slack Attackers,

I know it's been a long time between drinks. Things have been a little hectic over the last two months, but here we go.
This Flashpage update relates to the weekend trip I took over Easter in Dallas. I hooked up with Mike & Bekah Christner who had just moved into their new house in Denton.
For all of you that know my sporting persuasions, the mighty Blues crushed the Canetoads to make it a clean sweep of the annual three match State-of-Origin series. In summary, the referee won the first match for New South Wales but it was daylight running second for the following two matches. Don't feel bad for Queensland as they have the edge on handing out series whitewashes to New South Wales to the tune of three to two.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Stay Happy ;-)


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Part of the trip was going to see Mike and Bekah's new house in Denton. They got a hell of a lot of bang for their buck when they purchased the house.
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I managed to lob up just in time for Easter lunch with whole tribe of Christner's, Depeo's and the Eades.
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You had to be careful and not get bowled over in the rush!
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This is the best place for a woman Bekah, chained to the kitchen sink.
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This is the guard dog Mike and Bek got.
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I think the teddy bear instills confidence in the dogs attack capabilities.
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We also to some time to celebrate Bekah's birthday.
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What was the face for, cake or presents?