Massachusetts, USA

August 11th, 2000

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G'day Slack Attackers,

Hopefully this letter finds you all scaring the "Ka Ka" out of your friendly tax inspector.
Rome is burning. Nah, not really. Here in Boise, we're in the middle of Summer and the mercury is pushing 40c (100f) which is a good thing for me. We are also in the middle of 70 odd bushfires caused by lightening strikes and stupidity (cigarette butts, camp fires etc) all throughout the whole "Pacific Northwest" (California, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Montana and Idaho).
While I accept fires burning out millions of acres out past the back of Woop Woop is a natural occurrence that must happen, a lot of the locals are sort of freaked out by it. Nature will, and often does, take it's own path in regards to it's cyclic regeneration and sometime we just get in the way. Hopefully no one will be injured and nature will do it's thing.
Look out America the Aussie's are coming! My best mate Fluxy rang the other night and confirmed that he'll be here in Boise for most of November. My other good mate Steery will be here for about a week during the same time even though his "Trouble & Strife" has allowed him to be in Vietnam at the moment. I'm really looking forward to it as I miss the camaraderie, the banter and the "no bullshit" fun that we have.
I'm planning on driving up the Oregon Coast to Victoria, British Colombia. We'll be stopping of to do some snow mobiling, have a look at Portland, Seattle, Mount St. Helens (volcano), Multnomah Falls (the tallest falls in the US) as well as a whole heap of touristy shit. Of course the will be much "Joy Joy" and merriment as well as the odd beer or two. Do ya think!!!! Of course the will be a little elbow bending along the way, America may have softened me, but not that bloody much!
Fluxy has to fly to Canada (near Niagara Falls) for 3 days with his work, plus I'll try and get him to my favorite city, Las Vegas for 3 days. The schedule may be a little hectic, but we should have a blast. Don't be surprised if you see the three of us on TV shows like Cops or Americas Least Wanted (ha ha ha). Can we ring you for bail money? ;-)
I'd better go and do something more fruitful like cleaning my house.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Stay Happy ;-)


May 24th, 1999
Yarmouth Port is a little seaside town with more than it's fair share of huge houses.
May 24th, 1999
It's impossible to get lost as there aren't may roads.
May 24th, 1999
Do you think they'd let me build here???
May 24th, 1999
We were driving along the Old Kings High way and found the Liberty Hill Inn Bed & Breakfast and decided to bail up for the night.
May 24th, 1999
The house was built by shipwrights in 1825, the majestic inn reflects the wealth of its whaling ship owner, Ezekiel Hallet.
May 24th, 1999
The large comfortable rooms all have huge 4 poster beds with a canopy. You can also get a bathroom if you're lucky.
May 24th, 1999
Liberty Hill Inn has it's own web site if you'd like to take a look.
May 24th, 1999
Me, I'm just going to check out the back of my eyelids for holes.
May 24th, 1999
We spent the night in the "Cranberry" room
May 24th, 1999
Take a look at the original floors, they came up great.
May 24th, 1999
A big old claw foot tub is the best way to soak away the bumps & bruises of a days travel.