Massachusetts, USA

April 19th

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Greeting and Salutations Trend Setters & Tax-dodgers,

It's Easter time. Don't gorge yourselves to much on the chocolate bunnies. Take a moment during the merriment and revelry to reflect that the occasion is not just some commercial shopping period.
Not a hell of a lot to report from the thriving metropolis of Boise, Idaho. I'm about to jump on the big tin crow headed for Dallas, Texas on a four day visit. I'm going down to reacquaint myself to the perils of the world famous Queensland OP cane juice with a couple of mates. I hope to have some picture up on the web site from this weekends Dallas trip sometime by the end of next week.
The weather is starting to warm up enough for me to take the motorbike out for a good ride without hitting too much snow. Yes there is still some of the winter white powder hanging around at the higher elevations. I went out for a couple of hours on Saturday and had and absolute blast roosting around the hills on my KTM620. It's been nearly four years since I was able to rekindle the enjoyment which makes me happier than Bill Clinton being the lone guy in a full female college dorm.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Stay Happy ;-)


15 MAY Salem, Massachusetts
Salem was known as the center for witchcraft in the U.S.
15 MAY Salem, Massachusetts
We didn't find too many ghouls or goblins hiding in dark corners.
15 MAY Salem, Massachusetts
It was interesting visiting the old port town.
15 MAY Salem, Massachusetts
Due to the age of the buildings, the only photography allowed had to be taken outdoors.
15 MAY Salem, Massachusetts
I could build a little ponderosa here in a heartbeat.
15 MAY Salem, Massachusetts
This is a replica village of the original settlers.
15 MAY Salem, Massachusetts
One thing they do really well on the East Coast is "living" museums.