September 28th, 1999

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Welcome to Italy.

Here is part XXIV of our European Holiday Flash Pages.


Greetings & Salutations Groovers,, ;-)

With only four more places to go we are getting to the end of our European holiday that we took September last year. With only three more stops to make, today's "Flash Page" is based mainly in the landmark of Stonehenge in England.
We hope this update finds you and yours healthy, wealthy and wise. That counts us out on two counts ;-)
Well the footy seasons are over with for another year in Australia. My old home town, rugby league team Westies, went down in the Grand Final as did Carlton in the Aussie Rules. Even though the Blues (Carlton) went down, at least they took down red hot favorites, Essendon, down the week before. I picked up a bit of pocket money on the Australian Rugby League Grand Final though. The Melbourne Storm pissed down on the Dragons which was a good thing.
The worst thing about the footy finishing in Australia is that, the silly season (American NFL Football) has just begun over here in the United States of A miracle. Ice Hockey and basketball are about to fire up as well. That also means that the baseball season is entering the finals and we get to see who will become "World Champions" for 1999.
Winning the Baseball "World Championship" would be a little hollow to me. Think about it, all the teams are American with a couple of token Canadian teams thrown in for good measure.
The barometer is starting to drop. We've noticed it getting colder since Friday night. It's down to 0c (32f) at 6 o'clock in the morning when we both head off to work. The days are also getting shorter. The sun used to be out at 5:30am and hang around to 9:30 or 10pm. Now the sun is like a bloody government worker, up around 8am and outta here by 4pm. OK, OK, I may have my foot on the exaggerometer. It's more like 8am to 6pm.
Must be winter coming on again.

Gotta run. We're outta here!

Hope to hear from you soon.

Stay Happy ;-)
Ruth & Fitzy

Dover, England SEPT 1998
We shot out of Switzerland and headed to Paris. We found this Merc at a little road side stop on the outskirts of Paris.
Dover, England SEPT 1998
From Paris it was up to Calais to catch the ferry across to Dover. This is the B&B we spent the night at.
Dover, England SEPT 1998
As per most European hotel room, this room was no exception. Can you spell TINY?
Dover, England SEPT 1998
The bed was just big enough for the pair of us. What made it really uncomfortable was they had left the plastic protective cover on the mattress.
Stonehenge, England SEPT 1998
These are the mysterious megaliths of Stonehenge, built by the unknown people of ancient England who finished building Stonehenge 2000 years before the Druids came to the Salisbury Plain.
Stonehenge, England SEPT 1998
Stonehenge is said to mean "hanging stones".Some say it means that the stones were used to hang criminals back in 3,000 B.C., when it is said to have started being created.
Stonehenge, England SEPT 1998
Stonehenge has many different legends behind it. One states that the stones were made when dancing giants were transformed into stones.
Stonehenge, England SEPT 1998
Another says that the devil purchased the stones from a woman in Ireland, and magically made them float to their new spot.
Stonehenge, England SEPT 1998
One even claims that UFO's were involved!
Stonehenge, England SEPT 1998
A more realistic theory is that it was used as an "observatory" to view the various stages of the moon and sun
Stonehenge, England SEPT 1998
We were both amazed how the monument was constructed.
Stonehenge, England SEPT 1998
Especially considering there was no mechanical devices available when the site was built.
Stonehenge, England SEPT 1998
Yet another highlight of the trip.