August 19th, 1999

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Welcome to Italy.

Here is part XXII of our European Holiday Flash Pages.


Greetings & Salutations Groovers,, ;-)

Hopefully this letter finds you and yours in the best of health, wealth and spirits or at least with wine, women and song.
Things have been a little crazy of late. Ruth decided to close one of her antique stores here in Boise due to a number of factors beyond her control. The owner of the store didn't do anything to attract business and the store was turning into a junk shop. We pack up and moved over to another store that had wanted Ruth to move in for a while.
The new store, Orchard Hill Antiques, has a refreshing attitude as well as people who really enjoy being in the "antiques" business. The owners are real helpful and have fun doing what they want to do. The move is already paying off dividends in regards to sales as compared to the previous store. We are both a lot happier for the move.
Ruth still has her store going great guns in Nampa with our great friends Dennis and Casey Kasum, who own and operate the Village Square Antiques store. Following the link to Village Square will take you to thier web site which was designed by Fitzy.
Dennis (the menace) and Casey are a real blast, great fun to be around and are especially helpful with a lot of the irons we have in the fire, so to speak. It wasn't hard to work out that we'd prefer Dennis to stick with furniture refinishing rather than landscape gardening, considering his little "burning off" effort. ;-)

We'd better hit the "frog 'n' toad" or me "Mal Meninga's" might fall off from typing too much.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Stay Happy ;-)
Ruth & Fitzy

Monte Carlo, Monaco SEPT 1998
On the way into Monte Carlo, there is this roadside stop that overlooks the playground of the rich and stupid.
Monte Carlo, Monaco SEPT 1998
We kept seeing these two Tommy Tourists everywhere we went.
Monte Carlo, Monaco SEPT 1998
The amount of wealth sitting in and around the harbor was amazing.
Monte Carlo, Monaco SEPT 1998
We found this little busted arse fishing boat next to a mega yacht in Monte Carlo harbor. We think it paints a pretty funny picture
Monte Carlo, Monaco SEPT 1998
The guy who owns this Rolls Royce was quite nonchalant the he use the "Roller" as a delivery vehicle.
Monte Carlo, Monaco SEPT 1998
Now there's something that's worth a million dollars. The girls not bad either. ;-)
Monte Carlo, Monaco SEPT 1998
The road behind Ruth becomes the main straight for the Monte Carlo Grand Prix.
Monte Carlo, Monaco SEPT 1998
This is the entrance to one of the many "upscale" hotels. The one starts at 600 U.S. dollars a night.
Monte Carlo, Monaco SEPT 1998
In front of the famous Casino Monte Carlo. For the car buffs, the white car is the new Ferrari F550 Marinello and the silver Merc is an AMG S500.