July 25th, 1999

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Welcome to Italy.

Here is part XX of our European Holiday Flash Pages.


Greetings & Salutations Groovers,, ;-)

Firstly, Hopefully this letter finds you and yours in the best of health, wealth and spirits. We really don't have much to say other than to let you know about the new look site.
As stated on the home page, the site looks very different from the previous effort but a lot of the features have been retained. We're also going to put back the full site that contains all the photo's we've put on the net. A lot of you e-mailed and said it was cool to view where pair if us have been and what progress we've attained on our house.

When things settle down a little more, we'll get on the "electric abacus" and let you all know what the "gee oh" is.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Stay Happy ;-)
Ruth & Fitzy

November 18th, 2000
We left the suicidal drivers of Rome and Pisa and putted on up north. Fitzy kept to the speed limit off 110 kilometers per hour. He kept forgetting that the cars speedo was in miles per hour.
As they say in the movies "Damn shame – Go Speed Racer, you are so the bomb, big time dude!!!"
November 18th, 2000
The Cathedral in front of the leaning tower is divided into five aisles, one central major aisle and the minor ones two on each side. The transept has three aisles. Against the second line of columns of the central nave there are two holy water founts. The statues thereon are, on one side, Jesus and on the other side St. John the Baptist.
November 18th, 2000
November 18th, 2000
The both of us doing the "Tommy Tourist" shots.
November 18th, 2000
Ruth is doing her bit to try and stop the tower from falling.
November 18th, 2000
Just loitering with intent.
Pisa, Italy SEPT 1998
The Italian have placed counter-balance weights on the back side of the tower to try and slow down the lean.